Dramaturgy of meanings.    
Year: 2023






Kiwi Garden Olives

Set of olive oil bootles
Year: 2022

Music of Faith

Poster and layout design for "Music of Faith, Music of Peace" festival.
Year: 2022



Cover design (concept).
Year: 2020


Tender Attention

Exhibition design for ms2.
Year: 2021






3XEL Architecture

Branding design (soon).
Year: 2023

Body. Part 2

Cover and posters design.
Year: 2021

Nick:T / 1

Logo, typeface and cover design for 1st album of polish electro music artists Nick:T.
Year: 2019


Undiscovered Future

Book was created at a time when coronavirus began to spread aggressively across Europe, North and South America and other continents, with a declaration of a global pandemic following soon after that. The mission was to retain the values that were extremely clear during those days.
Format: 141 x 234 mm / Pages 72 + wrapper / Year: 2020




Stick in the eye

Cover design.
Year: 2020


Let’s Talk about Experience

A journey between ethics and relationships.
Year: 2020


Music of Faith

Poster and layout design for "Music of Faith, Music of Peace" festival.
Year: 2020


Droho PL

Totally black book for totally black times.
Format: 100 x 145 mm / Pages: 204 / Year: 2019


Błasiak Studio

Logo and branding designed for Aneta Błasiak.
Year: 2019

aine – aesthetic is not enough

Aine designs and produces limited-edition furniture intended for small apartments. Each product serves at last two utility purposes, with the possibility of giving it further features. Essentially, the creators focused on movement, which changes an object's function. through simple gestures, the objects organize the surrounding space. Thanks to research conducted among people living in small spaces, Aine strives to respond to the real needs of recipients. 
Year: 2017

Brodka MTV Unplugged

The album Brodka MTV Unplugged is a record of an acoustic concert, which took place on April 12, 2018 at the Lublin Center for the Meeting of Cultures as part of the iconic MTV format. The album was released one year later (CD, CD Limited edition, Vinyl).
Year: 2019. 

Letters to the unknown friend

Book cover designed for WAM Publishing House.
Year: 2017

Arlekin – Invitation

Design for Arlekin, Henryk Ryl Theater in Łódź
Year: 2018


Arlekin 1948 – 2018

Arlekin 70th anniversary book  
Format: 165 x 235mm / Pages: 144 / Year: 2018

Nick:T / 2 – Connected

Logo, typeface and cover design for 2nd album (Connected) of polish electro music artists Nick:T
Year: 2018


Myśl Teologiczna (WAM)

A collection of books presenting the latest results 
research in various fields of Christian theology.
Designed for WAM Publishing House.
Year: 2016


Body exhibition

Catalogue for the "Body" exhibition which took place as part of the "Man of the Anthropocene" - a project by the EIT+Research Centre in Wrocław. The exhibition explored how the human body might look like in the future, and the ways in which it might be modified. The theoretical premises of the overarching project determined a perspective oriented on future studies and future management. Participants also explored supporting notions such as growth, development, the dynamics of globalization and a new word order which is undergoing major modifications due to technological progress. These notions, complemented by perspectives on human activity, constitute a geosystem of inter-dependent generations, cultures and religions. 
Format: 170 x 240 mm / Pages 144 / Year: 2016

Teologie XX i XXI wieku

Book cover designed for WAM Publishing House.    
Yaer: 2017

Cafes Guilis

Unique in the package is the approach to the project. One of the essential function of packaging is information. We wanted to make this a key value of brand, focus on the message and the information which will be readable, understandable for most of people, and be still outstanding.
Year: 2016

Award Winning Design – Gold A Design Award 2017

Moja Słodka
Europejska Ojczyzna

Publication design for the works of "Krzysztof Komeda. Moja słodka europejska ojczyna" (Krzysztof Komeda. My Sweet European homeland) which was part of a comprehensive visual identity for the play's 1967 Polish premiere. The spectacle blended Komeda's music with leading Polish poetry. The front cover has been produced with black paper to display a part of the composer's portrait, referencing the piano keyboard.
Year: 2013

Overload Exhibition

Design for a catalog which accompanied the exhibit entitled "overload / Przeciążenie", which took place during the Gdynia Design Days festival. The publication is a collection of critical projects - films and objects which discuss social phenomena and thus become a set of "conscience" presenting our contemporary approach to life. The curator, Dorota Stępniak, analyzes the limits of human dependence on technology and the balance between digital and analogue reality.  
Year: 2018

23 – 03

Cover and packaging designed for our friend Jerzy Wcisło. 
Year: 2016

The Lost God

Book cover designed for WAM Publishing House.    
Year: 2017


Cover (CD) and poster design.
Year: 2017

WI MA / Łódź

Wayfinding system design.
Year: 2014


Concept book cover designed for NCK.    
Year: 2018

Teatr Węgajty

Book and poster promoting the Węgajty Village Theatre - a hub for theatre, workshops and field studies in Węgajty, a farm colony near Olsztyn. The typographic design was exhibited at the TYPE+TEXT International Exhibition of Typography Poster at the Guilin Has Qiao Gallery in China in 2016 and published in “Print Control”.
Year: 2015

Dominik Wania

Domink Wania Trio Plays Kurylewicz. A poster and CD cover designed for Summer Jazz Academy. 
Year: 2014


Logo and branding designed for B5 Architecture & Design Studio.
Year: 2016

OSSA Vision

A poster project promoting the OSSA [National Meeting of Architecture Students], an annual architectural workshop organized as part of a grassroots initiative by students and has been ongoing for over twenty years. This year, OSSA was held in Łódź and its main topic was "Vision", while touching additionally upon the subjectivity of perception in everyday life and architecture. To present the concept of the topic's interpretation the organizers decided to demonstrate in the three scales - urban, architectural and personal. 
Format: 700 x 1000 mm / Year: 2018


Logo & Graphic Signs

Błasiak Studio (2019), Nick:T (2018), Kamila Robakiewicz (2015), B5 Architecture & Design (2015), Arlekin (2019), OSSA Vision (2018), Jo Home Production (2016), Staromiejski Dom Kultury (2021), Myśl Teologiczna (2015), Inicjatywy Entry (2022), Las (2022), Weirdo (2019), Padaventura (2022), BD Coffee (2016), Regionalny Instytut Kultury w Katowicach (2017), Caprice (2018), Czerwińsk - Duchowa Stolica Mazowsza (2022), Blue Drop (2016), Coffee Tech (2015), MT (2015), RNDR (2022), Fundacja Znak (2021), Etno Music Fest (2015), Undiscovered Conference (2019), Mind Flow (2016), Koalicja Miast dla Kultury (2016), Fashion Philosophy (2009), Inphysio (2021), LeBrate (2017), Youth LTD (2019), Aine Furniture (2017), Teatr Wielki w Łodzi (2012), Lemo Wagon (2015), Stal Protekt (2004), Content Story (2018), Letnia Akademia Jazzu (2013), MF Production (2010), NAA (2009), MA (2019), Fashion Film Festival (2010), Raw Eye (2020), ‘Coz Studio (2015), Memo (2004), Muzyka Wiary (2017), Modern Log (2017), Jones (2012), Fashion Awards (2016), Young Fashion Photographers (2010), ArtroCentrum (2020), Leśny Domek (2017), 3D Cinema (2013), Teatr Zamiast (2015), Honey Bunny Club (2000), Colline Pharma (2011), Bardzo Dobrze (2016), Punkt Widzenia (2009) 

Year: 2000 – 2022

Eclissi del Sole

Wine branding and packaging design.
Year: 2011 



Snow White

Poster design.
Format: 700 x 1000 mm / Year: 2019


Lost / Found

Medium for memory - Catalogue presenting 100 lost artworks and 10 selected historic items which have been recovered in recent years. This publication is part of efforts to not only collect data on cultural losses, but also pass down knowledge about these losses to future generations, which have been undertaken since the beginning of World War Two. 
Format: 200 x 270 mm / Pages: 240 / Year: 2019

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