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Marta Sicińska
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Point of View is a graphic design studio set up in 2010 in Łódź (Poland) Studio was established out of the desire to show the world from our point of view and present our approach to graphic design. We are focusing on creating simple and legible visual identification for small companies as well as for large enterprises, for publications and packaging.
Our approach to each project is, above all, analytical. We think about any characteristic features, about what we can use, we gather associations and turn them into a project, removing any unnecessary and redundant elements on the way. We like simple and obvious designs, but also those that require some deeper thought - and win the audience’s understanding only after a while, not always at first glance. We draw inspiration from everything we see, hear or feel. There's a lot from history, modernism, culture in the wider sense.  

– 2020 

Dutch Design Week
About The Undiscovered Future

Konkurs 30/30 na najlepszą okładkę płytową
Brodka MTV Unplugged

Type+Text - Identity

– 2019

Print Control no8
Arlekin 70th anniversary book, DrohoPL

– 2018

PosterFest Budapeszt

Print Control no7
Overload, OSSA

– 2017

A’Design Aword (Gold)
Cafes Guilis

Type+Text - Year of the Avant-garde

Noworoczne Postanowienia (BWA Wrocław)
Teatr Węgajty, Body

Druga Ogólnopolska Wystawia Znaków Graficznych
B5 Architecture & Design

Projekt Roku (nominacja w kategorii Projektowanie na potrzeby druku)

Print Control no6
Teatr Węgajty, Body

– 2016

Type+Text (The Guilin Huaqiao Gallery - Chiny)
Teatr Węgajty

Dobry Wzór (nominacja)
Cafes Guilis

Novum Magazin

Print Control no5

– 2015

Print Control no4
Lucky Look

– 2014

Print Control no3
Moja Słodka Europejska Ojczyzna, Mandala Buddy Medycyny

– 2013

Designing Polska Design in Poland (The London Design Festival)
Moja Słodka Europejska Ojczyzna, Muzyka Sceniczna Krzysztofa Komedy

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